A Taste of Peruvian Tradition


The word “jarana” is a classic Peruvian term for celebration, and at our JARANA, every day and night is a party. It’s a place where family and friends come together to share delicious food, handcrafted cocktails, and a joyful experience.

Diversity on a Plate


Peruvian cuisine is a melting pot of flavors, influenced by Japanese, Chinese, and Italian cultures. Our JARANA menu reflects this diversity, offering a variety of dishes that showcase the unique blend of these culinary traditions.

Authentic Flavors, Approachable Atmosphere

We use only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create authentic Peruvian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Our menu features a wide range of options, from classic cebiche to hearty saltados and sizzling anticuchos.

Pisco Perfection

Our pisco bar is a haven for lovers of this Peruvian spirit. We offer a selection of premium piscos, along with classic cocktails and innovative creations.

JARANA: Where Celebration Meets Cuisine

At JARANA, we believe that dining is more than just eating; it’s an experience. We want to transport you to the heart of Peru, where every meal is a celebration of life. So come join us, raise a glass of pisco, and savor the flavors of Peru.



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